USPS tracking not updating? – Full Guided Article

USPS tracking not updating- Resolving tracking issues

What does that mean?


USPS has courier for shipping to national as well as an international destinations. USPS has a tracking system for you to track your packages. USPS provides a tracking number with every individual shipment. You can track the status of your package with the help of this unique tracking number. You can see all the information about your packages. Like the address of delivery, Time and date of delivery, and others.



USPS has a good tracking system but it can create a few issues as any other program does. Sometimes you will see an error message like this.




What to do now?


If you are seeing this message “USPS tracking not updating”. Then this means your information is not updated.


You should check that you are entering the correct tracking number. Here you can get the tracking number.


  • Check the post office shipping receipt


  • The Tracking number has written on the sales receipt


  • You can check your email from USPS


  • On the slip that you received



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Why USPS tracking details are not updating?


Sometimes you cannot track your parcel it can happen due to so many reasons. Here is some reason. Why this happens


  • Each package has a barcode attached to it which has scanned at the facility. Sometimes this procedure takes time due to there were tons of package to scanned
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  • Natural climate change like heavy rain, snow, and thunderstorms. It can delay the entire process.


  • Sometimes barcode may damage so, the package is not scanned.


  • Any other reason like a holiday or received too many packages.


How to get tracking information when USPS tracking not updating?


Here is some way to get the tracking information


  • On the official website of USPS, you can track your package.


  • USPC has an application to track your package.



  • You can get information through call.



How long does it take for USPS tracking to update?


Within 24 hours for USPS tracking to get uploaded on the official website. Yet, due to some reason, the process can take a longer time than usual.


Received my packages but still, USPS tracking is not updating?


It happens during the holiday period or it can happen also when there were tons of package has scanned.


Yet, sometimes USPS did not provide tracking information. But they deliver your package on time.




The article provides you all the detail about the USPS tracking details. How to get tracking information when USPS tracking not updating. What are the reasons behind USPS tracking not updating? How long does it take for USPS tracking? All the informative information about the USPS.


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