USPS delivered to agent

USPS delivered to agent – Full Guided Article

USPS delivered to agents


USPS has couriers for shipping to national as well as an international destinations. USPS has a tracking system for you to track your packages. USPS provides a tracking number with every individual shipment. You can track the status of your package with the help of this unique tracking number. You can see all the information about your packages. Like the address of delivery, Time and date of delivery, and others.



What is an agent?

USPS send tons of mail and parcel on daily basis. Sometimes recipient may not be present to receive the parcel. So, in that case, the recipient authorized any of his family members. Or he can allow any of his friends or neighbors would receive the package. But this only happens when. Your tracing status shows USPS delivered to your authorized agent.

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Unfortunately, sometimes tracking status shows that the parcel is not delivered yet. But it will show delivered to the agent. Which might create little confusion.

The person authorized by the recipient is an agent.


The problem with USPS delivered to Agent

Unfortunately, USPS doesn’t have any verification process. To verify that the person claims to be your family member or authorized person. And hand over your parcel to that person. If such a type of incident happens to your parcel, then you can end up losing it.

So, if you are going to receive any important document be available at the time of delivery.



Pros of USPS delivered to the agent      

The USPS delivery staff are too responsible. When they trust the agent they only hand over the parcel to anyone. The chance of misshapen is too less. Delivered to the agent is a good idea. When you are not at home or you need to go out somewhere.

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The article provides you all the detail about the USPS delivered to agent. What is an agent? The problem with USPS delivered to agent? The good side of USPS delivered to agent? All the informative information about the USPS.


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