Have you lost USPS tracking number

Have you lost USPS tracking number? Step to Recover lost USPS number

Have you lost USPS tracking number? What should be done?

As you all are aware of the fact that the U.S government has provided us a great service known as USPS (United States postal service). This service of the U.S government provides an advantage not only to the United States but also to its insular areas and associated states.

For this service, the government provides a tracking number to the customer which let them track the delivery of their order easily.

Have you lost USPS tracking number

Sometimes it happens that you have lost your USPS tracking number and then it will become difficult for you to track your order. Most of the people go through the same situation and it let them face so many problems. To all those who have lost their tracking id or receipt, this article solely belongs to you. Now we will help you to know what you can do if you have lost your USPS tracking number.

Steps should be taken to recover the lost USPS tracking number

There are so many ways that will help you to recover your lost USPS tracking number. Here are some of the ways mentioned that you can use to recover it.

First of all, what you are supposed to do is to

recover lost usps tracking number

Locate your tracking number

  1. To locate your tracking number firstly you have to look at your post office shipping receipt that has been given to you by the person present on the counter, this slip basically does contains all the information about your purchase, at the bottom of the receipt your USPS tracking number is printed.

But here is something that you must know, if you have purchased a product of more than $50 USD, you have also purchased additional shipping insurance, the same is the case at the bottom of this receipt your USPS tracking number is printed.

  1. Also, there is a confirmation mail in your mailbox if you have shipped your package using USPS.com, this mail contains all the information about your product including your USPS tracking number.
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If you have shopped online, if the online retailer shipped your package through USPS, they have already emailed you about the confirmation of your shipping. In this mail, you will be able to find your tracking number. In case you have not received the mail you have to contact the retailer directly.

  1. If you have collected the package on your own from the post office, the package will contain a sticker with a barcode pasted on it which will be removed by the clerk before they handover you the product. The removed sticker contained your tracking number at the base, from their also you can find it.
  2. If you have missed the delivery of your product your mailbox must contain an orange color slip, in which the way to retrieve your product has been mentioned. On the backside of the same slip, you can find your USPS tracking number.

When you have finally found out your USPS tracking number, you are all set to track your package. To track your package you must follow the under mentioned ways

Tracking a package

  1. First of all and most importantly write down your tracking number to the safest place o that it will not trouble you anymore.
  2. You can note it anywhere whether on your phone or in your diary anywhere that will suit you.
  3. Now you have your tracking number and you are all set to visit the website https://www.usps.com/, here you can enter your tracking number manually in the space mentioned by name “track page”. As soon as you enter your tracking number and move further a new page will display showing you the information about your package including when and where your package was sent, where it is now and when it will reach you.
  4. If somehow the online portal is not working or you don’t have internet access or you want to ask more about your package, you can contact USPS directly by phone. You can call directly on their toll-free number 1-800-275-8777 and choose the desired option from the automated menu.
  5. If you don’t want to go through all this you can also visit the post-office and can talk to anyone about your package, delivery of your package and so on, the might ask you about some of the information like date, time and the address of recipient and then let you know exactly and if in case the post office will not be able to help you out with this then you have insured your mail and then you can file a claim.
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What can I do if I lost my tracking number for USPS (Brief)?

The USPS does not keep the Tracking number of the packages. The record is only available on the package and on the receipt that the user gets. If ever you lost your tracking number then there is only e one option. You need to you wait for the amount of time till the package gets received by the other party.

Usually it takes maximum 28 business days for international packages to be transported. If it still after the 28 business days the receiver does not receive the package then you need to go to the post office and ask them to trace the package.

Thereafter the officials will ask you about the date and time u shaped the package. Also you need to tell the address of the recipient. If you have used your credit card or debit card for the shipping when it will be easier for you to check the exact date and time of Shipping. If the officials does not get any detail about the package and also the package is insured then the sender can easily file a claim for loss.

Conclusion on Lost USPS Tracking Number

USPS (United State Postal Service) is one of the esteemed organization which receives and deliver lacs of packages on a daily basis so you don’t have to worry about your package, it will reach you safely and securely in time. USPS gets so many queries about the lost tracking number and the way to recover it and how you can be able to track your product and so on. Hope this article has answered all your queries regarding your lost USPS tracking number.

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