How to cancel USPS mail forwarding

How to cancel USPS mail forwarding ? Step to Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding

How to Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding ?

Are you shifting to another place due to specific reasons and are now looking forward to changing or cancel your USPS mail forwarding?

Are you looking for a reliable source that can make it entirely easy for you?

If YES, we are here to help you in the same.

How to cancel USPS mail forwarding

Whether you are looking forward to how to cancel USPS mail forwarding or you are looking forward to modifying it, USPS mail forwarding is the service that can save you in such situations. United State Postal Service is one of the leading US mail services with an independent agency. The USPS mail forwarding service is entirely more comfortable as it helps the US citizen to forward as your place does.

Have you ever thought what would happen if you will not cancel or modify USPS mail forwarding services if you are going to change your address? How will one come to know where to send your emails directly you have already shifted from your previous location?

The situation will inevitably result in the misleading from the exact source. If you are planning to move your place anywhere in the United States due to various reasons, you can easily cancel or modify your USPS services as well just by taking help of mail forwarding. You have to inform the agencies and services related to the same and have to send your new address, that’s it. We are going to provide you here full details regarding USPS mail forwarding process.

How to cancel/Modify USPS mail forwarding?

Shifting addresses are one of the most common processes that almost the majority of US citizen do on an annual basis. So it gets entirely necessary to inform the authorities related to the same to avoid any irregularity in your mail receiving.

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Maintaining a high-quality record of all the current address is also quite challenging to the US postal services, but your one move can make it equally beneficial for everyone. Make a proper request for the concerning authority for changing address procedure at the local post office.

You can make use of both online and offline methods for the same. Just fill up a form to change of address to forward your mail. Also, don’t forget to keep a hardcopy of the request made to keep it as proof for the same. For acquiring how to cancel/ modify USPS mail forwarding are:

  • Launch your web browser and go to the official website of USPS, i.e.,
  • Select the option of Change of Address from the given menu and then tap on Track and Manage the opportunity to go further with the process.
  • It will take a few seconds to navigate you towards a new window page.
  • A new window page will open up on your home screen. You will see a list of various options there showing cancel, updates, view and much more. Scroll down the page and click on the link provided with a line to go further with the address modification page.
  • Once done, a new Window page will open up on your home screen asking you to add up different pieces of information including your zip code. Enter your zip code here to forward your new address along with the confirmation code in the first column that you have received while filling the Change of address form.
  • As soon as you receive an online confirmation online, next thing you have to do is to replace the zip code here. You have to pick up the new zip code here.
  • Once done with it carefully, press the Submit button to confirm the changes made.
  • On the completion of the above procedure, please select cancel the change of address order option.
  • Please ensure to take a print of confirmation information for the cancellation to have a record.
  • Once you have done with it carefully, the entire information related to the change or modification of mail forwarding will flash out on your home screen. You can easily opt for the cancel or modify option as per your desire. The above option enables you to make the following changes in your address.
  • It can help you in adding up a new email address to your account.
  • It can help you in setting up a reminder to receive expiration date of mail forwarding
  • It can help you in changing the end date if you have requested for a temporary move.
  • It can help you in converting your temporary move into the permanent one.
  • It can help you with chaining your contact number.
  • It can help you in changing your family move into individual the only exception here is that you can’t turn individual move into the family.
  • It can help you in changing the address or mail forwarding order.

So guys! It is all about how to cancel or modify the mail forwarding process. It is undoubtedly a natural process that will hardly take your few minutes to accomplish it.

Once doing the above method, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to cancel the change of address order if you fail to edit some information out there and have to file a new one. If there is no information related to the new address, you have to cancel the order. Moreover, in case if you lose your confirmation code, you can visit your nearest post office as well for the same and can ask them to cancel this mail forwarding orders.

Just keep tuned with the confirmation code, as it can help you in acquiring modification and cancel option immediately without requiring going anywhere.


We have summed up here the complete guide including how to cancel or modify the USPS mail forwarding process. The process is entirely more comfortable to go along with. You have to follow the provided steps carefully to acquire it successfully. Please make sure to change the required modifications in one or two attempts as usage of more than two can turn up an alert box on your home screen showing an error message that you have exceeded the list of changes that you can make on a single day.

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