Difference between USPS Hold Mail & Mail Forwarding

Difference between USPS Hold Mail & Mail Forwarding

Difference between USPS Hold Mail & Mail Forwarding

The US postal service or the USPS hold mail service serves with a secured service based on overflowing of mailbox and its return. This is offering the mail i.d. services for a period of three to 30 days and you can also have the option of picking up the accumulated mail at your local post office and also have your regular carrier deliver it to the address when its hold expires.

Difference between USPS Hold Mail & Mail Forwarding

Placing the hold mail request

There are three ways to place a mail hold through the USPS

  • The first one at the post office where if you know in advance that you will be away from your location for a while, then you can drop by your local post office to set up the mail hold.
  • With the online setting up a mail hold through the internet means that you can avoid the waiting in line at the post office now and you can also place the hold away from home whenever necessary. What you need to do is just visit the postal service’s hold mail page and then move on step by step.
  • In the first step, you have to enter your house hold information and then check the availability to confirm that a hold mail service is available for your address.
  • Secondly you have to choose the dates to start holding your mail and when to resume the mail delivery, and then follow the remaining instructions to complete the request.
  • The other way can be, just take the USPS customer service number at 1-800-275-8777 and then place a hold request.

Holding and forwarding

If you are looking to a free mail service then the hold mail service is the right one and there is really no limit to the number of times you can use it every year. More over if you are expecting something important while you are away and need to check whether it has arrived or not, then having the post office hold your mail is probably not the right or best option for you. Instead you can consider having the local post office to temporarily forward your mail or can even ask a neighbor to collect your mail until you are back.

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Some tips to follow USPS Hold mail

In addition to the reminders you can check the USPS page or even can stay connected with the customer service for more of mail holding information.

  • The mail can held a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 30 days. But it is necessary to note that these must be consecutive days and if you are planning some more trips then you have to setup two separate holds and if you don’t need your mail between your tours then simply place a single hold through the end of the last tour.
  • But if you are interested to hold the mail for more than 30 days, then sign up for the USPS forward mail service instead of placing a hold.
  • Next keep record of your confirmation number and the email address you used to place a hold online. But if you need to check, edit or cancel a hold request while you are away. You will need to use the confirmation number and email to the access of your request.
  • At the best the hold must be placed for all incoming USPS mail deliverable to a single address.
  • You can request for a mail hold up to 30 days in advance or as late as the day of the next delivery but as per the cutoff times.

Basic differences Mail Hold and Mail Forwarding

Looking to the basic differences between the mail forwarding and hold mail, there are some points that you must take to account.

  • You can use it for permanent address change as like when you are moving, changing of P.O. boxes or to redirect the mail of someone who has passed away.
  • You can also use the mail forwarding if you temporarily relocate but just want to have a continuation to receive the mail. It can be useful during renovations or if you are spending the season at any remote locations.
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When it’s about the hold mail, it is will stop mail delivery to your address. But would not redirect it. The mail is held safely by the Canada post until the date you specify.

You can also use the hold mail for times when you don’t need to access the mail or don’t have a fixed address where mail can be forwarded. This usually is used for shorter periods like that of vacations.

Details on mail forwarding

The mail forward services redirects for all your mail item packages, parcels to new address that is served by the customers. This service is basically for the permanent change of address and when you are moving to new address and your address will change then this service is surely going to help you.

The company details

The USPS service alert provides information to the consumers, small businesses and business mailers about portal facility service disruptions which might be due to weather related or other natural disasters or events. Residential customers and small businesses can just use the website to learn if mail is being delivered, or if their post offices are open. Business mailers get more detailed information relating to the USPS mail processing facilities and then the operating status of the delivery units.

The regular forward mail is also available for long term move and that don’t matter with an address change. This works best with

  • If you are making a permanent move, you can use this service to update your address.
  • You are moving temporary to any destination then you can use this service for as short as 15 days or as long as 1 year. After the first 6th month you can extend for another 6 months.
  • Direct the mail to a new address with a few clicks and a $1.05 charge to your credit card.
  • Mail is sent piece by piece to the new address.
  • You will also receive a welcome kit with coupons from the partners of the company.
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