can i pick up a usps package before delivery

Can I pick up a package from USPS before delivery? & USPS Package Intercept

How to pick up a USPS Package before Delivery

USPS – United States Postal Service, it is an independent agency (organized by United States Federal Government) which is responsible to offer postal services in the United States and its associated locations. There are different kinds of USPS services offered by them; they are Media Mail, USPS Retail Ground, Retail – First Class Package service, First Class Mail, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express.

Can I pick up a USPS Package before Delivery?

can i pick up a usps package before delivery

We would like to inform that yes, you can pick up your USPS package before it gets delivered. First, you need to access the website and search for your parcel. If once found, you also see a link named “Package Intercept” and click on it. If not, another possible way is to contact the local carrier station or post office and advise them to stop the delivery of your package. However, it is not possible if you are residing in a large town.

USPS Package Intercept:

The best way is you need to follow the USPS Package Intercept procedure to pick up your package. USPS Package Intercept is used to return your package before it gets to deliver. It is available for all sources like extra services barcode, flats with tracking, letters, and packages.

You can even reach out the Post Office to hold your package and request for your own pick-up or use the Priority Mail feature to redirect the package back to your address. But as I said earlier it is not possible for large town areas. Especially for Commercial Customers, you can make the request and pay the applicable fees by registering at Business Customer Gateway via online. This can be done only if you have an active CAPS (Centralized Account Payment System) account.

How USPS Package Intercept Works:

The Customer has to request USPS package intercept for their packages. After receiving the request, the packages will be intercepted at the Post Office (Delivery Destination) and will return the same to the sender or it will be redirected to the pickup post office as Hold. USPS Package Intercept has certain conditions and it is not a guaranteed service.

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How USPS Package Intercept Works

An Initial step is you need to check whether your package is eligible for an intercept by using either way: access the website and click on “Eligibility Checker” or use USPS Tracking system by entering the tracking numbers to begin the search process. You can process the request for USPS Package Intercept, only if you are eligible.

You must have an active USPS account (associated with your debit or credit card details) even if you are recipient or sender. Please login to your USPS account, process the applicable postage fees through debit or credit card (fees to process the USPS Package Intercept request) and submit the request. Your request will prevent the delivery back to you only if your package is not displayed as “Delivered” or “Out for Delivery”. Depending upon the request, your package will be returned back to your address or it can be on hold at the Post Office (Delivery Destination).

Please be informed that your request for USPS Package Intercept cannot be canceled or edited at any cost of time.

Restrictions about Intercept Works:

We would like to inform that any packages that are mailed to PO Box redirection or Commercial Mailing Agency (Receiving Authority) then Package Intercept will not be available. Only packages with extra services or USPS tracking barcodes can be intercepted. Except for Periodicals & USPS Marketing Mail, all other domestic mail services can avail this Intercept service. The Customer has to pay only for intercepted packages. If your package is not intercepted then there won’t be any applicable charges for you.

This service is not available for non-mailable items. Insurance, Signature Confirmation, Adult Signature Restricted Delivery, and Adult Signature Required are the additional service for Package Intercept which can be signed up by commercial or retails users. Priority Mail is known as redirection of intercepted packages. You need to pay the applicable postage charges (only for Priority Mail). If your package were originally posted under First Class Mail, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express then the charges for intercepted packages is not applicable.

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USPS Hold for Pickup:

If you are planning for a vacation or away for home for a certain period of time then you make use of the “USPS Hold Mail” service instead of accumulating your mailbox with packages and envelopes. The USPS hold mail request can be processed only depending upon the few factors: it should not exceed 30 days and with a minimum of three days. In advance of one business day before, the request should be processed. Regardless of name or anyone residing at the provided mailbox address, the hold mail request will be processed.

How to place a hold mail request over the phone – In advance of one business day prior, you need to place the USPS Hold Mail request via Phone by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

How to do a hold mail request online – Please access the website and click on Hold Mail Request. Before filling the form, please verify whether this feature is available for your location or area. After confirmation, you can proceed with your dates and click on the Submit option. Your request should be submitted prior to 14 days.

How to do a hold mail request at the post office – You can also submit the Hold Mail request by visiting the nearest post office. In advance of one business day prior, you need to submit your request. Please get the confirmation number from the post office to track your request.

USPS Hold Service Available with

If you had already requested for “Hold Mail” then your packages will be held for a maximum of 30 days (Priority Mail Express Service). International Mail will be held for 30 days, Express Mail for 5 days. A signature required package can be held for 15 days. Only for some period of time, your packages will be held.

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USPS Hold Service Non-Available with

We would like to inform that the USPS Hold Mail requests are not available for Government based post offices or flats and as well as First Class Mail letters. Only a minor fee will be charged for delivering the parcel if you are picking up time is later than 10:30.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information will helps you to understand more about USPS Postal Service, Package Intercept and Hold Mail requests.

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